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Annual Membership Fee: (classes)
$30 per child OR $50 per family
Annual Membership fee: Sept 1-Aug 31st



Thank you for using our online registration Parent Portal. Online registration allows us to be more green
with a paperless registration and we hope this makes your experience with our gym more convenient.

M&M Families~

How to Create a New Account for Online Registration:

1. To start the sign up process, click the "Member Login" link.

2. Click "Create an Account".
Fill in your name here, not your child’s name. You must enter an email address and create a password for your gym account.
Enter your home contact information.
Fill in the information for the student.
You can add another student for your family, or login to register for a class.
Read the waiver and registration information. You must click "Agree" for each to sign up for a class.

3. Now you have reached our "Parent Portal" where you may visit anytime you want to update your account information, register for classes, request a new class and much more!

To Register for a Class:
1. Click "Class List"  to register for a class.

2. In search filters, select the correct season ( i.e. Fall Session 2010/2011). The fastest way to find the class that fits your needs is to enter the age of your child in the age field. You can narrow your search further by selecting the gender, day of the week and program.

3. You will be able to register online for most classes. These classes will be labeled, "Request".  Some classes will be labeled, “CALL”. You must call or visit the gym to register for these classes. If a class is FULL you can request to be on a wait list for this class.

4. Once you have selected a class, hit the "Request" button next to the class that you want to sign up for. A new window will open. Fill out the needed information and click "Submit Request".

5. You will see "Your Request has been Submitted".

Once your enrollment request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your class time and class starting date.

Payment using the Parent Portal:
1. Click on "Member Login" to reach our online 'Parent Portal.'
2. Once you are logged into the parent portal click on "Ledger" on the left hand side.
3.  Then click on "Make Payments" on the top.
4.  Check the box and click "make payment".
5. Fill in your credit card information.

**You may view all payments that you have made, by clicking on "payments"**

M&M Member Log-In:
1. Click on "Member Login" to reach our online 'Parent Portal.'
2. If this is your first time using our 'Parent Portal' the system will automatically set up your password for you. Enter your email address and click "forgot password".
3. Check your e-mail account to retrieve your password. If the password does not show up in your "inbox", check your spam folder.
4. Copy and paste your new password into the password box and login to your 'Parent Portal' account.
5. Log in anytime to update your account information, register for classes, and request a new class and much more!

Thank you for using our online registration! If you have any questions please send us an e-mail at

  16760 W Victor Rd.
New Berlin, WI 53151




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Please email with any questions as our office hours for phone calls is very limited.

Office Hours: Are limited. Please email us with any questions so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.