Girls Team & Xcel Team

Girls Team

There are many levels of competitive gymnastics beginning with Level 2 through Elite. Each child competes in her own age division at each of the competitions.  We are very proud of our competitive girls team. It is a group effort of parents, coaches, and students working together to help our kids achieve all the benefits this sport has to offer. We feel that competitive gymnastics is a springboard to the future of our students. The discipline, respect, self-esteem and team work they learn here at M&M Gymnastics creates strong work ethic that they can carry with them throughout their lives.  Our high quality coaching staff is safety certified by USA Gymnastics.


Xcel Team

It's Fun, Xcel brings competitive gymnastics a program that embraces all skill levels. Beginner-Advanced, it is a personalized competitive program starting at the first entry division. Allowing students to be appropriately placed based on their skills and gymnastics experiences. In addition there is a flexibility in choosing skills to fulfill the event requirements, from the beginner division-the most advanced division. By personalizing routines and skill choices, athletes may require fewer workout hours and remain competitive.

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